• Paleogenomic analysis of Cinchona bark collections

March 26th, 2020. NTNU, Norway.

Natural History department, NTNU University Museum

  • Cinchona bark collections: from alkaloids to genomes

Jan 26th, 2020. RBG Edinburgh, UK.

Science talks at The Botanics.

  • Reconectando las colecciones de Cinchona en Madrid y Kew (Real expedición botánica al virreinato del Perú).

October 2nd, 2019. Madrid, Spain.

Synthesys+ presentation, RJB Madrid.

  • Semillas históricas del árbol de la quina (Cinchona sp): de leyenda a historia

September 19th. Lima, Peru. Remotely.

Simposio Peruano de Diversidad y Taxonomía Vegetal.

  • Maximum recovery of genomic DNA from bark collections to resolve the evolutionary history of the Fever tree.

June 17-20, 2019. Trondheim, Norway.

Lightening talk in the Barcode of Life Conference - aDNA and Past Communities section

  • Paleogenomic annotation of historical Cinchona bark samples across time and space.

April 3-5, 2019. London, UK.

3rd UK Plant Evolution meeting - Early researchers session, Kew gardens.


  • Plants, phylogenies, drugs and G&Ts, lecture in the “Animal-plants interactions and evolutionary approach” bachelor course.

September 2019.

  • Genome assembly course (Spanish), online course with IGBM.

April 2019, January 2020.

  • Introduction to Phylogenetics course (Spanish), online course with IGBM.

January 2018, June 2019.

Blog posts

About my field work in Bolivia, collaborating with the Herbario Nacional de Bolivia on the 1st Flora of Bolivia expedition in Pilón Lajas Biosphere Reserve:

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From malaria to gin and tonic: the story of the fever tree